Social Media Management

APX Solutions provide social media management covering all modern and effective Social Media Platforms with good understanding in all areas.

In part once set-up, we can manage all your social media for you, from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, Google+ and many more, We're a company that provides a professional, cost effective solution to your social media. This means you can concentrate on your business but keeping the interest coming in, ideal for those single enterprises and busy people.

What's the best social media option?

As with everything in life, each thing has its pros and cons. Social Media is no different. We won't waste your time leaving you go up the garden path on a platform that won't see you getting results, we can advise and assist to get the ball rolling for you. Some of the most popular and frequent types of Social Media are below. 


It's the BIGGEST social media platform there is and it's pretty safe to say if you set-up a business Facebook page it's going to return results mostly due to the fact it's a safe bet that everyone is on it.

Facebook is also beneficial to your business as unlike Twitter and other platforms, you can choose what to look at and what to share on with friends and your page followers. This is a better way of allowing people to see exactly what they want meaning you can define things in a greater way than what you can on something like Twitter.

Don't be afraid to make things a little more open, Facebook is more about the Social side to things rather than trying to sell items of  your business, by all means put information on on your offers and anything else that might appeal to someone but Facebook allows people to follow things on a bigger 1-1 basis and then you can relate to your following crowd on a much more personal level.

This is better to providing the followers with a much more personalised and friendly feel and your aim is to make them aware of the company rather than to sell it to them.


Twitter, Tweeting, Tweets. Believe it or not, it's not someone who's been let out of the mental house but it is the words associated with quite possibly the 2nd most biggest social media platform.

So what is Twitter?.

Twitter is still extremely effective for your business but has a different result to the likes of Facebook. Twitter is basically an online version of sending a text message to your followers, it can be short and sweet and can get the message across nice and fast. Who doesn't love a simple message?...

It's a great tool for here and now with your business, the only downside can be that if you tweet and the people you follow to, don't look at tweets for a while or they follow a lot of users, your tweet can be lost amongst the crowd.  It can however, be a great way of delivering your information directly to a follower by sending a personalised direct tweet.


Google+ is one that's not so widely heard about in the community if you're not already involved in Social Media, however it's not one to be ruled out. There are a lot of small businesses and individuals who use Google+ to increase the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to their website. As a Social Media tool made by the BIGGEST web company, it's hardly surprising if you use their social media tool, they thank you by returning a better search rate to your website via their web browser for instance.

Google+ is a good tool and in terms of plain English, it's a little like Facebook with a dash of Twitter thrown in for good measure in terms of the things put on it. You can reach good audiences via Google+ and also start a community for whatever you feel is relevant and catch a set of people who might sign up to the group, and they are then sitting ducks for your content.

The users of Google+ are highly involved and tend to be the types to get deep into social media, meaning that like Facebook and Twitter, it's a great tool for conversation. Another good advantage of Google+ is integrated chat with the people you follow on your business page meaning you can chat face to face using 'Hangouts' and show or discuss your service at length if required.


YouTube is another powerful tool for you business and intern a way to bring customers to your website. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a video on the worlds biggest video site can do?. You can visually drive and portray your business to customers in short videos if required and get the message driven home. The other plus side to YouTube is that it's worldwide and the chances of someone finding a video of yours, is far higher than a Facebook post, or Tweet for example.

The key to getting things across for your business on YouTube is to make the video eye catching and unforgettable. Simplicity can be key but with such a vast range of viewers and a huge library of videos, you need to make it stand out. Nobody will want to sit and watch a boring video.

If you're stuck for ideas on how to make your videos on your business or services stand out, look at some other companies and see what they do, and if they don't have any videos. Search YouTube for yourself and see if you can find anything along the same lines as yourself.

If you require some help here and there when you have a busy spell or even just some advice on getting the best out of your social media, we can give you a few simple sheets which you can work from to make things as easy as possible.

For more information on our social media management packages and for a company that provides simple, plain English hints and tips, give us a call today